👋 Hello! Welcome to the Hextra documentation!

What is Hextra?

Hextra is a modern, fast and batteries-included Hugo theme built with Tailwind CSS. Designed for building beautiful websites for documentation, blogs, and websites, it provides out-of-the-box features and flexibility to meet various requirements.


  • Beautiful Design - Inspired by Nextra, Hextra utilizes Tailwind CSS to offer a modern design that makes your site look outstanding.
  • Responsive Layout and Dark Mode - It looks great on all devices, from mobile, tablet to desktop. Dark mode is also supported to accommodate various lighting conditions.
  • Fast and Lightweight - Powered by Hugo, a lightning-fast static-site generator housed in a single binary file, Hextra keeps its footprint minimal. No JavaScript or Node.js are needed to use it.
  • Full-text Search - Built-in offline full-text search powered by FlexSearch, no additional configuration required.
  • Battery-included - Markdown, syntax highlighting, LaTeX math formulae, diagrams and Shortcodes elements to enhance your content. Table of contents, breadcrumbs, pagination, sidebar navigation and more are all automatically generated.
  • Multi-language and SEO Ready - Multi-language sites made easy with Hugo’s multilingual mode. Out-of-the-box support is included for SEO tags, Open Graph, and Twitter Cards.

Questions or Feedback?

Hextra is still in active development. Have a question or feedback? Feel free to open an issue!


Dive right into the following section to get started:

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